About Mediehuset Luksus

Mediehuset Luksus (Luksus Media) is the leading Danish publisher of magazines, media and events for active sports and travelling. Mediehuset Luksus was founded en 2001 in Copenhagen by Bugge Holm Hansen. Today the company is owned by Bugge Holm Hansen and Sofie Hvitved.

You can contact us by mail on info@mediehusetluksus.dk.

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LØBEMAGASINET – The magazine for danish runners
Since 2008 the magazine has inspired and motivated the many thousands of danes who run on a regular basis and participate in anything from the big to races. LøbeMagasinet is written by runners and it’s on the way to become the most valuable running media for the danes. The magazine is distributed in 15.000 copies, 6 times a year.

LUKSUS.LAND – The danish journal for outdoor culture
In 2017 a new magazine was launched focusing on outdoor life, travel, adventure, exercise and an active lifestyle – and identifying trends within the Danish and international outdoor life. To keep it short its goal is to provide inspiration for all dedicated Danish outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. Luksus.land is distributed out in 10.000 copies, 2 times a year.

LØBERNE.DK – The best Danish platform for runners
Løberne.dk is a huge online portal for the danish runners. The content is made in close coorporation with LøbeMagasinet and features both articles, videos, competitions etc.

Mediehuset Luksus is also behind the oldest adventurefilm festival in Northern Europe, N.A.F.F. (Nordic Adventure Film Festival) that is held every winter in various cities in Scandinavia. The mission of N.A.F.F. (formerly D.A.F.F.) is to present the best and most inspiring adventure-movies on the big screen before the nordic audience and at the same time help the nordic filmindustry develop the production of adventure movies.

Gran Fondo Film Festival (G.F.F.F.) is a new bicycle film festival for everyone who loves cycling, movies on the big screen and not least the big bike epics in general.