About Mediehuset Luksus

Mediehuset Luksus (Luksus Media) is the leading Danish publisher of magazines, media and events for active sports and travelling. Mediehuset Luksus was founded en 2001 in Copenhagen by Bugge Holm Hansen. Today the company is owned by Bugge Holm Hansen and Sofie Hvitved.

You can contact us by mail on info@mediehusetluksus.dk.

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LøbeMagasinet – The magazine for danish runners
Since 2008 the magazine has inspired and motivated the many thousands of danes who run on a regular basis and participate in anything from the big races like the Copenhagen Marathon to the local race Eremitageløbet. LøbeMagasinet is written by runners and it’s on the way to become the most valuable running media for the danes. The magazine is distributed in 15.000 copies, 12 times a year.

Outdoor Training Magazine – The best danish magazine for training, outdoor and adventure
In June 2014 a new magazine was launched focusing on a combination of outdoor activities, travel and functional training. The magazine was a fusion between the two magazines TRÆN and LUKSUS and is for the active, travel-enthusiastic outdoor people of Denmark. Outdoor Training is distributed out in 12.000 copies, 6 times a year.

Skimagasinet Pist n’ Powder – The magazine for all danish skiers
Skimagasinet Pist n’ Powder is the biggest danish magazine on skiing. The ambition is to publish Denmark’s best and widest ski magazine. With the most relevant and inspiring articles written by skiers with a Danish focus, the most stunning pictures and a stylish layout Skimagasinet Pist n’ Powder is the perfect media to get inspiration and new ideas for danish skiers. The magazine is published in 12.000 copies, 3 times a year.


Løberne.dk is a new online portal for the danish runners. The content is made in close coorporation with LøbeMagasinet and will feature both articles, a forum, videos etc.

Online site for the outdoor, adventure and training culture in Denmark, where you can find articles and be inspired.

Our online webshop where we sell magazines and good special deals from gear to events.


Mediehuset Luksus is also behind the large succesful adventurefilm festival D.A.F.F. (Danish Adventure Film Festival) that is held every winter in various cities in Denmark. The mission of D.A.F.F. is to present the best and most inspiring adventure-movies on the big screen before the Danish audience and at the same time help the Danish filmindustry develop the production of outdoormovies. Follow the festival on facebook.com/danishadventurefilmfestival #daff

The Copenhagen Running Festival wants to show and share all the nuances of running in Denmark and Copenhagen. The festival consists of a number of different running events, that runners can try during the festival with a partout ticket. As a participant you can also join a number of workshop and an inspiration day, where you can get a lot of inspiration and knowledge about running. Note that all the workshops and speaks are in Danish. Celebrate running in Copenhagen and come join the festival! Follow the festival on facebook.com/cphrunfest #cphrunfest

1 night, 10 shortfilms, 100% adventure. In 2014 Mediehuset Luksus launched a new event under Danish Adventure Film Festival, dedicated to a wide range of shorter outdoor-, adventure and trailrunning movies, all gathered for an all-night experience under the name: Outdoor Moments. Follow the festival on facebook.com/outdoormoments #outdoormoments

Gran Fondo Film Festival (G.F.F.F.) is a new bicycle film festival for everyone who loves cycling, movies on the big screen and not least the big bike epics in general. Follow the festival on facebook.com/granfondofilmfestival #gfff